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Spanish Garlic Prawns - With Barbismoked™ Orange Chilli Coconut Smoked Garlic


300g peeled, raw prawns
125ml olive oil
6 large cloves of Barbismoked™ Orange Chilli Coconut Smoked Garlic – sliced
1 x dried red chilli

How to make the dish:

1. Heat oil in small pan. Add a slice of garlic and when it starts to sizzle, add the rest of the garlic and the dried chilli.

2. As soon as the Barbismoked™ Orange Chilli Coconut Smoked Garlic starts to colour, add prawns and a teaspoon of salt. The salt will prevent any water from the prawns spitting.

3. Stir until prawns turn pink.

4. Optional – add a splash of Fino or Manzanilla and bubble until alcohol has boiled off.

5. Serve with lots of crusty bread and a copa of chilled Fino or Manzanilla.


Based on a recipe featured on Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen